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Understanding the Different Types of Chemical Peels
Your skin protects your body from illness, harmful rays from the sun, moisture, and other foreign substances. But over time, the elements, environment, and age take a toll, leaving you with skin that doesn’t look the way you feel. The colder, drier winter weather can make skin flaws stand out and create new ones, like itch, dry skin, or oily skin with breakouts. The good news is that fast and effective chemical peels can help. But which one is right for you? Led by Kim Nguyen, PA-C, the Aesthetic Envy and Wellness team in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, uses different types of…
Reducing the Appearance of Scars with Red Light Therapy
Do scars make you feel self-conscious about baring your skin? Then you’ll love the way red light therapy (RLT) at Aesthetic Envy and Wellness in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, minimizes the appearance of scars by promoting healing from the inside. Aesthetic expert Kim Nguyen, PA-C, and our team use gentle and safe red light therapy to enhance the health and appearance of your skin, from fine lines and wrinkles to stubborn scar tissue. Here’s a closer look at how RLT can help you reduce the appearance of scars and rejuvenate your skin. Understanding scar tissue Scarring occurs as part of your body’s…
How IV Therapy Can Treat Your Jet Lag
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