How You Can Improve Your Overall Wellness with IV Therapy

This fall and winter, everyone is working to stay in tip-top shape and improve their overall wellness. With COVID-19 still in the mix this cold and flu season, it’s more important than ever to stay healthy so you can remain infection-free.

While getting plenty of sleep, eating a healthy diet, staying active, and washing your hands play a key role in your health, there’s another step you can take to boost your overall wellness and fortify your immune system: revolutionary IV therapy.

Health and wellness expert Kim Nguyen, PA-C, and the Aesthetic Envy and Wellness team in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, are dedicated to keeping you in the pink of health this cold and flu season and all year long. To that end, we offer only the best in aesthetic and wellness services, including IV therapy.

The secret to IV therapy’s success lies in the delivery system. When you drink water and electrolytes or take oral vitamin, mineral, and nutrient supplements, they must travel through your digestive tract. Not only does this delay their effect, but they lose potency as part of the digestive process.

With IV therapy, you safely get the full dose of hydration fluids, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. And since it’s injected directly into your bloodstream, you’ll feel the effect immediately. And that’s not all you get with IV therapy! Keep reading to learn how IV therapy boosts your wellness and brings other benefits.

Boosted overall wellness and immunity

To be the best version of you and experience optimal wellness, your body needs the right amount of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This helps you maintain healthy bodily functions and fight off illnesses and diseases.

While it sounds simple, getting the right balance of these factors through food alone can be difficult. For people with certain conditions or illnesses, ingesting vitamins, minerals, and nutrients orally can be impossible.

By giving you the perfect dosage of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, IV therapy offers a way to boost your overall wellness. You’ll reach an improved state of physical and emotional wellness, which also reduces stress and fortifies immunity, keeping you healthier all year round.

Healthier skin and muscles

Each day, free radicals, or unstable atoms, go to work on your body — and not in a good way! These invisible particles cause damage at a cellular level and have been associated with disease, aging, and a negative impact on the health of your skin and muscles.

IV therapy at Aesthetic Envy and Wellness can help. Your infusion contains antioxidants, which play a key role in fighting free radicals, reducing inflammation, and repairing the damage to your cells. What’s more? IV therapy gives much-needed support to your metabolic process, resulting in noticeably healthier muscles and skin.

More energy and better performance

IV therapy infusions contain a careful balance and blend of nutrients and minerals to give you more energy, improved endurance, and enhanced performance — on and off the field. This means you’ll be at your best all day long, in the boardroom, bedroom, and on the field.

Not only that, but IV therapy helps you recover faster after you exert yourself by aiding and speeding your body’s natural healing processes. So not only will you perform better, but you’ll be ready to perform again sooner.

Protection against toxins

From the foods you eat to the beverages you drink to the air you breathe, toxins surround you. As more and more toxins enter your system, they build up and are stored in your liver.

This kind of toxic build-up causes fatigue and depression, making you more susceptible to illness and viruses. It can even make it difficult for you to maintain a healthy weight.

Fortunately, with IV therapy at Aesthetic Envy and Wellness, you can get the protection you need. During your infusion, your body receives the nutrients and fluids it needs to detoxify your system. This boosts your overall wellness and helps you stay healthy all year long.

At Aesthetic Envy and Wellness, we customize your IV therapy infusions to help you meet your unique wellness and health needs. If you’re ready to learn more about improving your overall wellness, contact our Henderson or Las Vegas, Nevada, office and make an appointment today.